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a. Introduction/ Company:

Treat In India Healthcare Private Limited (TiI) is a professional medical assistance company, formed under the Indian Companies Act 2013. Medical Tourism as a venture is undertaken by the company, with an aim to provide world class health care service accessibility, to the patients, within India, and patients travelling to India from the world. The company strives for the aim to provide professional services to ensure affordable Medical treatments, in a timely and authentic manner, to the patients treated in India. We specialize in providing affordable medical care and treatment packages to Indian and International Patients, who propose to be treated in India. The “Treat In India” is one of the most Innovative, young and blooming medical tourism operator in India.

With Treat In India as your treatment partner/ health partner, we shall assist you in availing end to end treatments, from a varied choice of the Service Providers/ Treatment institutions, to suit your budget, and needs.

We shall arrange for all the logistics for your travel, visa related assistance, transportation for medical treatments, pre-hospitalization medications, hospitalizations, pathology needs, medicines, surgeries, post-medical care, physiotherapies, wellness and recovery, stay, local leisure requirements post treatment.

We shall be a platform for arranging the availability of world class medical facilities for the patients requiring to be treated in India, at the most affordable costs. The Treat In India Aims at providing the best available healthcare, at most affordable costs, making the patients aware of the all possible treatment providers, with the authentic healthcare treatment providers.

b. Vision:

Treat In India(TiI), as an organization, is formed to cater the following vision: “Technological revolution of Service in Medical Industry”

Treat In India, is here to work on its vision of Integrating the technology in the sphere of medical treatments, and processes, along with digitization for a purpose.....A Purpose to save Lives....A Purpose to secure the almighty’s best creation....MANKIND

The god created mankind, and along with mankind, came ailments, ailments that are required to be treated, ailments that may pose a threat to the god’s creation if left un treated.

The Treat In India team, envisages to make every best effort possible to provide the best available treatment for the patients in India. Our vision to integrate the technology in Healthcare is a step forward in this direction.

Over the past few decades, the technology has been the major driving force behind each and every segment of life.....and the healthcare sector is not a left out too....Though the technology has so far touched the medical sector to make the treatments more Hi-tech, and surgeries/ treatments more non invasive, and to the marks. At Treat In India, we provide you a platform to manage your health, your treatments, your well being, using the latest available technological assistance.

In healthcare, we consider the time to be the most crucial factor......right diagnose, at right time may prevent some otherwise life threatening disease. Emergency treatment at right time may save a life......Be it any sphere, the time plays the most vital and most crucial role in healthcare. Treat In India, aims to integrate the technology, to make sure that the time involved in healthcare assistance is minimal, and apt, and since, both technology, and healthcare are ever evolving spheres, we also foresee our continuation to evolve as a healthcare partner. 

c. Missions/ Principles:

Missions are the underlying guidelines, the principles, the organised efforts to achieve the goals of the institution.

Treat in India, as a premier healthcare company, aims to provide the world class medical treatment to its clients, with best possible options available for the given patient budget. Our enterprise, as a medical treatment management and assistance company strives to achieve the following missions :

  1. Awareness: The first and foremost principle which drives the team at Treat in India is Awareness. Awareness is the knowledge, the enlightenment, the availability of the options for the treatment for the patients. Our Health care partners are well equipped to make all possible enquiries about your line of treatments, the procedures and the consumables that may be required, the post treatment processes, and providing you with the wide range of options for treatments available at beast possible rates to suit your treatment budgets.
  2. Accessibility: Timing is most important element in healthcare. An old saying says, “a stich in time, saves nine”. We follow the principal. We shall make our best possible efforts to make your treatment a seamless process, that too within time. We strive to provide a timely access to healthcare treatments to the patients, so that, the healthcare, and the wellness products are accessible to all, irrespective of their location or timing.
  3. Affordability: Healthcare is a right for all, and mere affordability shall never be a constraint to the public at large to avail the healthcare facility. We at Treat In India, aim to make world class healthcare affordable, and achievable to the patients at large. By leveraging the services of multiple treatment institutions, we strive to find a treatment solution for all budget groups. The Indian country boasts of availability of huge resources in healthcare, and we aim to make the healthcare resources truly affordable by providing the rational healthcare packages for the patients.
  4. Authenticity: The principle of Authenticity in medical treatment shall envisage the proposal of comfort for the patients, that they are treated by the right hands. We shall make sure that the best talent, best names in he industry, at the given time are available for consultations and treatments. We shall, in our conduct, make sure, that the gravity of treatment is directly linked to the treating institution’s expertise to provide it. Thus, the medical processes be more seamless and productive experience.
  5. Accountability: With responsibility, comes accountability. We at Treat in India, shall make sure that the accountability part is take care of while making the treating institutions responsible for your treatments.

The 5A’s of Treat in India, are the five fundamentals, for which the company stands, works, and look forward to progress. The aim is to make Medical Treatments stress free, and more productive, and successful.