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Treat in India Healthcare-Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients:

Q1.         Why Should I book my treatment through Treat in India Portal?

Ans:       “Treat in India” is an organization build to re in force trust in Indian healthcare system globally. Our organization is working to make medical treatment more reliable as well as affordable. We have developed a platform wherein the medical treatment seeker can come and find the best available medical packages in India. At the same time the person shall be able to analyze all the terms and conditions and all the inclusions and exclusions in the medical package by a medical service provider; along with a tentative range of treatment cost.

We also provide a digital trail of the treatment booking, safety of your money, and personal data.  A patient can also opt for all pre and post procedural assistance.

Q2.         How do I find the best package?

Ans:       Treat In India platform offers you specially curated medical treatment packages by best in the Industry Medical service providers. The patients have the flexibility to browse from numerous packages listed by the medical service providers on the portal; analyze them; compare them and then proceed for booking. One can also browse the various ratings, and reviews with regards to a medical service provider as well as a treatment process.

Q3.         How are the rates for treatment Fixed on this portal?

Ans:       All Packages on Treat in India Platform are specially designed by the best in Industry service providers from their rich and expert experiences.  The rates so defined are with regards to carefully reviewed terms and conditions as well as Inclusions and exclusions. We are striving to promote transparency in Medical treatment procedure for the medical travelers.

Q4.         What is safety of my Money?

Ans:       We provide our customers an encrypted and secure payment gateway on our platform which ensures 100% safety of money and you get to deal with 100% verified vendors for all services; There by we ensure the safety of your money. No more unprofessional middlemen to deal with.

Q5.         What all services can be booked on Treat in India Platform?

Ans:       Treat in India platform provides its customers to browse from a wide range of specially created medical as well as ancilliary services packages to choose from; that you may require for your medical as well other related needs for your medical travel in India; ranging from medical treatment to translators, to your stay needs, or healthcare at home providers, travel/ cab needs; food requests; or any other specific request that you may require to make your medical travel an easier experience and a better experience; and that too at best and competitive rates.

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Treat in India Healthcare-Frequently Asked Questions

For Hospitals/ Other Service Providers:

Q1.         What Is Treat in India Platform?

Ans:       “Treat in India” is a platform specifically designed portal for medical and related service providers where all service providers are collated. The service providers/partners are requested to register and showcase their  services, facilities, packages etc. The partners are required to create their profiles followed by creation of the packages for their services that they assume to be best suiting to the needs of the market as per their experience and exposures.

Q2.         Why Treat In India Platform?

Ans:       Treat in India is a pioneer platform and one of its kind portal that focus on majorly on Medical travelers who are looking to travel to/ within India for medical treatment purposes.

We provide a collaborative platform for medical as well as ancilliary service providers to connect with the people who seek to travel to/ from/ within India for medical and wellness purposes.

Q3.         How Treat in India platform works?

Ans:       The service providers upon registration on this platform shall be able to showcase their facility, premises, and services. The service provider can create packages as per their experiences of the medical & wellness Industry and its trends. The partners shall be able to create terms & conditions as well as exclusions and inclusions of such packages. They shall be able to define pricing and validity of such pricing; as well as any other offer that they may deem fit. The vendors shall have complete control of their offering as well as bookings.

Q4.         What Additional benefits Treat in India platform provide to the service providers?

Ans:       Apart from showcasing your services and packages, we at Treat in India provide you with 100% payment assistance, legal assistance, International Exposure for your business, and make you part of our periodic international campaigns for medical travelers run by us.

Q5.         How to become partners with Treat in India?

Ans:       At Treat in India, we provide services providers of varied categories to come and join us to showcase your services for Medical Travelers from across the world. Our prime focus in India Medical and wellness Services; and making India as the Number one Medical Tourism Destination of the world in a structured and sustainable manner.

To Become our Medical partner, simply register with us at

To Become our Medical partner, simply register with us at

And create your profile and packages.

Our Team will get in touch with you for all assistance and take things forward.


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